Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes

Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes, but I'll work it out...

Friday, March 26, 2010



Life is a funny thing. Well, it is to me. I'm not saying I've had a bad life, because in no way is that true. I have, however, been in quite a few situations that leave me wondering how the hell I'm going to get myself out of them. Just like anyone else, I've made my fair share of mistakes and poor choices. I'm not afraid to admit that. And looking back, I'm not really ashamed. I'm where I'm supposed to be at this exact moment, and without those mishaps and bad judgements, who knows where I would have ended up.

I know that life 'throws a lot of curve balls' at you from your first breath, but I also know that nothing is ever too much for you to handle. Whenever I find myself in one of those situations where I'm trapped and I can't breathe, I just have to take a step back, and things seem to come together right before they fall apart.

Of course, there are times where things fall completely apart, but that's life. It happens. You just have to gather the pieces and put the puzzle back together. Just because you've been broken doesn't mean that you're not strong. (Even Superman has a weakness) Not putting the pieces back where they belong, well that's a different story. It takes a lot more courage to pick yourself up and get back on track than it does to just walk away (from a problem). Walking away always seems like the easier choice, but years from now it'll still be taking up space in the back of your mind...

So, in conclusion, today sucked. It was one of the crappiest days I've had in a long time. My morning was miserable, and all because of bad news. Now it's six o'clock and I'm still breathing. I know that it's not the end of the world. I know that I'm going to be alright. And I know that this isn't going to keep me down.

And I know that no matter how bad a situation is, or how bad I think I may have it at any given moment... it could be worse. It can always be worse.

Plus, I'm OK.
I'm always OK.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


You really do see the most interesting people in the airport. I'd like to think that some of the fashions were people just trying to be comfortable on a long flight, but that just isnt the case. I'm not saying I'm a fashionista, but I know orange pants with a neon yellow shirt just don't match.
And lucky me, I'm waiting for a US Airways flight so I get to spend an extra 45 minutes people watching.
Good thing it's one of my favorite things to do...

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Location:The airport.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Opinions, take two.

It's one thing to have an opinion, and another to be a complete asshole. If your sole purpose in having an opinion is to just bitch and moan about something, you should probably look in the mirror and see how ugly you are.

I don't understand why some people love to hate.

Just because you don't like something and feel the need to go into great detail about why you dislike it, and also have bullet points and examples on the reason for disliking it, doesn't mean that people who do like it are wrong.

I hate to burst the outrageously naive bubble that you live in, but your opinion isn't the only one in the world. I know that's hard to believe because you feel the need to be the center of attention at all times and play "whoa is me" for attention. And to the specific person that this is about, some of your opinions make you look like an absolute bitch who has no clue what's going on in the world. Or the entertainment industry for that matter.

You're an adult, act like it.


Monday, March 15, 2010


This one is by request.

How do you tell someone that it's over? That it's just not working out? That the mere sight of their face sends you into a fit of rage that can't be controlled?

It can be harder than you think. After all, you don't want to completely crush someones soul. You don't want to cut them so deep that they bleed forever. But then again, what choice do you have when they don't pick up all of the subtle hints you're laying down?

And how are they obvious to everyone except the person that they're aimed at?

Eventually everything will come to a head and it will sort itself out, but who has time for that? Who has time to wait and hope that someone will get the point? By that time they could quite possibly suffocate you to death. Is that a risk you're willing to take?

When you weigh the pros and cons, you're the only one that matters and you've got to do what's right for you. Who cares if you break some hearts? That's life, and don't worry, karma will make sure that you get your fair share of heartbreaks too so don't feel too bad.

You'll be happier in the end, relieved even.

So go ahead, take a deep breath. And remember, goodbye never killed anyone.


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Monday, March 8, 2010



If you don't respect yourself, no one else will. If you let people put you down, who is going to make them stop? If you let someone treat you in a way you know you shouldn't be treated, who will treat you right?

It's hard for people to change. Change isn't easy. And the longer you let things go on that you know are wrong, the harder it will be to break the mold in which that person has become accustomed.

Now I realize that walking away from something you truly think you love is hard, I get it. But you have to take a step back and go over all of the horrible things someone has said, all of the horrible things someone has done, and all of the horrible things that someone has made you feel, and make a decision that in the end is going to save your life. Don't waste your life trying to make someone else happy when all they do is cut you down every chance that they get. Spite is not something that should ever be in a relationship. Eventually you'll be forty, miserable, resentful, and regretful.

A life wasted is a life lost.

"I float on the streets that are empty
take the path that the wind only knows
Tonight is the last time that I'll ever be here

It's never quite simple, it's never that safe
it never seems perfect until it's too late
It's never the right time to find a new way

There's an answer in the sound of a train
there is wisdom past the bridge on the bay
There's a lifetime through the fog, in the rain
there's a beauty in walking away"

Sometimes admitting failure is just
what you need to become successful.
This one's for you. <3

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Let Go.

Sometimes you just have to let go. You have to let go of all of the things that are holding you back. Let go of all of the worries and stresses that make you sick and turn your stomach. It's not healthy to hold on to those things and hold them in.

Let go of Grudges. More than likely whatever you're holding against someone is long over. And it's probably something you can workout if you try.

Let go of Hate. There's too much of it in the world. We're setting a bad example for future generations.

Let go of Jealousy. Instead of wasting time being jealous, go do what you have to do to get what you want. Make yourself happy.

Let go of Greed. You can have all of the money in the world, but what is it worth without love and happiness?

Let go of the people in your life that bring you down. Get rid of the people that don't treat you the way you should be treated. Say goodbye to those who don't give you the respect you deserve. It will hurt, but you will live. And once you've let go, you might even be happy.