Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes

Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes, but I'll work it out...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010



They think they can get away with everything. There's always an excuse, always an answer. There's always a reason why they couldn't go, or why they didn't call, or why they didn't bother to tell you that they weren't coming on a vacation that you've been planning since March even though they knew they weren't coming for a month.

Aside from the fact that that's incredibly selfish-as someone else could have had that spot and gone on the vacation of a lifetime-it's also very hypocritical and non-Christian like to lie and be deceitful.

What else is non-Born Again Christian like?

Well, I wouldn't know because I'm not crazy, but I imagine these things would be on that list, if there is one... somewhere.

  1. Telling someone you'll come see them in the hospital when they have heart surgery, and then just not showing up or calling to see if they're OK.
  2. Telling someone you have a birthday gift for them, but you forgot it at home... for nearly two months.
  3. Telling someone you'll come and hangout and meet a group of people that you're supposed to go on vacation with multiple times, but then lying multiple times and never showing up.
  4. Sending someone a long apology note (a week late) asking for forgiveness and saying how you're going to change and be a better friend, only to be a worse person afterwards.
  5. Completely changing who you are every time you get into a relationship.
  6. Pretending to be someone's friend.

Now, I think I've been a pretty good friend. I've been there through two bad breakups, 2 or 3 deployments, twice when she needed a job, countless road-trips to North Carolina which cost me time and money that I didn't always have just so she wouldn't have to go alone, and pretty much any time she needed me. And every time she's done what she's doing now, I've forgiven her (which is very Christian like, just saying) because I thought we were friends. This time though, it's gotten to a point where my real friends, my boyfriend, and even my mother are mad and angry with the way I've been treated.
I love them a lot more than I could ever love someone who has taken me for granted. This is the end of a long chapter. (If you're reading this, please don't send me another bullshit apology letter that you and I both know doesn't mean anything.)
So, in conclusion, I don't need anyone in my life who is going to be selfish, inconsiderate, full of themselves, untruthful, and willing to throw a six-year friendship out the window.

(*On a side note, I don't have anything against any religion at all. What I do have a problem with is someone only becoming interested in a certain religion because the person they're dating said that they wouldn't date you unless you were the same religion as them.)

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