Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes

Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes, but I'll work it out...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm Back.

When I decided to write today, I had plenty of things to talk about. Now that I'm getting around to it, I can't think of anything worth talking about. I hate when that happens... though it's been happening more and more lately. I'm forgetful, my attention span isn't as long as it probably should be, and I get bored easily.

I really hate when people say that. 'It is what it is.' What is what? Can you be more specific?

Anyway, I've had a crappy few days. Really crappy, bring you down, make you feel bad days. Then, I realized no matter what's going on, it can't last forever. Bad days end, anger and pain fade, and once you hit the bottom there's only one way to go. I don't have to be unhappy, and neither do you. When it seems like there's nothing you can do and you feel stuck, look around. Figure out what's making you unhappy, and change it.

I've recently surrounded myself with the most amazing people on the planet [that I've met so far ;) ] and it feels fantastic. I forgot what it was like to have fun. I forgot what it was like to breathe. I forgot what it was like to just be.

But I'm back and just being... awesome of course. =)

"Don't wait around for other people
to be happy for you. Any happiness
you get, you've got to make yourself."
- Alice Walker

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