Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes

Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes, but I'll work it out...

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Being in a relationship is hard enough on it's own without having your partner take you for granted. If you're in a relationship where you're not number one, get out. If it's bad now, it's only going to get worse and you're only going to get hurt.

If you settle, it's your own fault. And if you let your partner get away with treating you like that it'll create a pattern and you know what they say, 'A leopard can't change it's spots.'

I know we like to think that people can change, and that we can be the ones to change them, but in most situations that's not the case.

Now, if whoever you're with isn't making you number one, then turn around and walk away and make yourself number one. That person doesn't deserve you and you can do much better. There are six billion people in this world, it's going to take a few tries and a few broken hearts to find the 'one' so don't give up and don't settle for anything less than what you deserve.

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