Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes

Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes, but I'll work it out...

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Something that upsets me...

I hate the feeling you get when you do so much for someone and they don't even appreciate it. You go out of your way for someone and it's almost like they expect you to do it so it doesn't even matter. Why even bother anymore? That annoys me more than most things. If I'm going to do something nice for you, at least say thank you. I'm not saying run out and get me something, not at all. Just acknowledge it.

Is that really asking for too much?

I don't think so.

I never expect anything. I never expect anyone to buy me anything, or take me places, or do anything for me. That's just not who I am. However, I do like to do things for the people I care about. That's not saying please do something for me because I did something for you. It's just me doing it because it makes me feel good to cheer you up, or make you have a better day, or whatever.

All I'm saying is, it's nice to be appreciated.

That's all.

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