Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes

Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes, but I'll work it out...

Thursday, December 17, 2009


(August 28, 2009)


Why is it so hard to let love in sometimes? Why is it so hard to let someone love you when thats all they want to do? Someone is standing in front of you, telling you how much they care about you and how they want nothing else but to just be with you, and you turn them down.

What is wrong with

Maybe its because you've been hurt, and you've been lied to, and you've been broken down to the core. Maybe. It could be because you've been betrayed. It could be any number of reasons.

Forget all of that.

This is a new person. This isn't the same person who tore you to shreds. It's not the same person who took you for granted and didn't appreciate you. This is someone who treats you the way you should be treated and knows what you're worth.

What is wrong with

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